Happy New Year : Thank God 2017 Is Over! A Message From The Historical Diaries

Hello everyone! I just wanted to send a message to you all saying Happy New Year! I hope 2018 is a year of happiness, learning, discovery, achievement, family, friends, and the stuff that makes life interesting.

I am highly thankful that 2017 is officially over.  This year for me as been one of the most awful ones I have ever had in my life. It began with the death of my mother Michelle. She was an amazing lady who died much too young. She was only 47 years old and just did not wake up one day. This year has been one filled with trauma and tragedy in my life I have never experienced before. There will never be a day that goes by that I do not miss her with all my being. The high and lows have been quite a roller coaster. I am highly thankful for my family and the support of my friends. I am so happy to be running a history blog again! I am looking forward to a long year of sharing and getting to know this amazing community!


PS. Below is a photo of the Bell I rang at midnight last night. It is quite an awesome bell and was built by my grandfather many years ago. I love it!


19 thoughts on “Happy New Year : Thank God 2017 Is Over! A Message From The Historical Diaries

  1. Wish I had a bell like this Sammy, it would have woken our sleepy little town up and had them thinking we were being invaded, by whom or what I don’t know, maybe a Yowie (Aussie version of bigfoot), :]

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  2. I know the same feeling, but I lost my grandmother a few days after my birthday. I’m so glad that 2017 is over and hopefully this year will be better. This is one of the reasons I started with Interesting History. It keeps me focused and keeps me away from the other issues I’m dealing with. Happy New Year!

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    • Thanks for sharing Melissa! I am so sorry about your grandmother. I love your blog! I agree it does help. We all need something positive if our lives. Writing definitely is a good outlet! 😘💕

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      • Thank you. I even lost my grandfather around the same time two years ago. It’s the worst thing do deal with. I’m actually doing my best to make my blog better, but I’m thinking about new ideas for it. Not sure what, though.


  3. History is Interesting offers it’s deepest condolences. I’m sure the pain is unimaginable! Take it one day at a time this year, remember the good, and don’t blame yourself for the bad days. No one has the right to judge how you grieve. I hope writing this blog gives you some solace from the hard times. Mine does! Thanks for following me! 🙂 Good luck, and happy new year from History is Interesting!

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