Want To Join The Historical Diaries History Group? Here Is How You Can!

History is filled with events that are dramatic, heroic, tragic, sad, heartening, and everything in between. The Historical Diaries is centered around that and now you can participate too! Come join our group on Facebook to share your love of history!

The group is small and tight-knit at the moment but lots of the members share the most fascinating stories and we would love to have you! The link to join is below.  All history lovers are welcomed to join just to participate or learn interesting things about history!



The rules are very simple and as follows: 


  • No politics related to modern times. Politics are only acceptable in the context of the history they took place in.
  • Group members will be limited to one or two post every twenty-four hours. The hope is to facilitate more discussion on previous post. 
  • Keep post related to history. We do not limit the type of history. All events, people, and time periods are welcomed.
  • No more than ONE book advertisement a week. This will change if group starts getting too many book spam.
  • If I am not mistaken. There is a couple minors in the group so only appropriate language. (Not that this has ever been an issue. It hasn’t). I will not approve post I feel might be too much of an adult-themed piece of history. Please remember that I want to allow minors in the group and we should act accordingly.
  • Keep all discussion friendly. I will not tolerate members being rude to other members. This includes even the smallest of snide remarks. I want this to be a friendly atmosphere like it always has been. I really appreciate the kindness I have seen from members and look forward to that always being the case.

Please note Samantha James is the admin. She is who should be contacted if any problems arise! Thank you for participating in the group!


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