The Historical Diaries Was Forced To Change Names╽Here Is That Story

The Historical Diaries have officially changed their name to “The Chronicles Of History” from this day forward. Please bear with us as we get everything updated with the changes on social media. I will update some things throughout the week, but there are a lot of other things to do to ensure the change is complete. New social media links coming soon!

The reason the change became necessary was because it was recently brought to my attention that the URL thehistoricaldiaries .com is a Japanese porn site. The Historical Diaries URL to this blog was historicalDiaries .com which as you can see is just far too similar to the other URL and has been mistaken by readers trying to find my blog. Personally, I would rather readers didn’t stumble onto a porn site when attempting to pull up my website. It just seemed like a name change was necessary.

I am very excited about the new name because I love it and everything will remain exactly the same on the blog. I plan to post history articles, book reviews, short stories, and classical literature as intended for the site always. I hope there isn’t too much confusion or disappointment over the change. Feel free to contact me on the contact form page should any questions need to be answered. The coming week I have several posts planned that I hope everyone will enjoy! Thank you so much for the continued support! I hope this has explained everything with the changes.


Samantha James


Join Our History Group on Facebook: 

If you are on facebook and interested in joining The Chronicles Of History’s group then all are welcomed. The group has many historian posting interesting history everyday and your more than welcome to come join. Share history, your writing, books, or just read! All can join who love history. The rules are pretty relaxed. The main ones are be civil towards each other and keep modern politics out of the discussion. Thank you!



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