The Chronicles Of History – Recent Blog Updates & News – July 25th, 2020

Hello everyone, I am writing this post to let you guys know that the changes and updates to switching The Historical Diaries over to the new name “The Chronicles Of History” is officially complete. All social media is back up and running. All links are now below and appreciate the follows. The support for this blog really keeps me going and continuing.

There are not enough words to explain how much I love history and writing. The blog allows me to do everything that I truly enjoy. Thank you everyone for being here! Many post are coming. As previously mentioned, the plan is to write history articles, book reviews, and share my historical fiction short stories. Now on that note, there is a few short stories scheduled that I had posted on the old blog but am going to repost here because that one is officially closed. They aren’t exactly historical fiction; however, I really don’t want to depart with them so am going to share them on the blog none the less just to give them a home. I hope everyone enjoys the stories.

Coming up I do have lots of new post, videos, reviews, and stories. I am also planning on sharing a book I plan on writing with you guys for free. There will be more updates on that as they happen. I am still working out the topic and details. Now I would like to take a poll from you guys about what topics you want to see here on the page so please in the comments below leave article or topic suggestions.


Samantha James



Join Our History Group on Facebook: 

If you are on facebook and interested in joining The Chronicles Of History’s group then all are welcomed. The group has many historian posting interesting history everyday and your more than welcome to come join. Share history, your writing, books, or just read! All can join who love history. The rules are pretty relaxed. The main ones are be civil towards each other and keep modern politics out of the discussion. Thank you!



4 thoughts on “The Chronicles Of History – Recent Blog Updates & News – July 25th, 2020

  1. I especially like American Colonial and Revolution history, as well as early post revolutionary history. I like the things you’ve written that take a biographical approach to lesser known figures from that time period.

    Keep at it! Always wonderful stuff. Thanks!

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