Why I Broke Up With the U.S Civil War & I Am Also Looking For Guest Posters For The Blog

I have some things to say about the U.S Civil War community but first I am writing a quick message to let everyone know that the blog is open to request for guest posters! If you are interested in being a regular writer on the site or want to just have some of your work appear on the blog once then please let me know! I would be happy to have you!

Please contact Samantha James at the blog’s email address as follows: thechroniclesofhistoryblog@gmail.com or send a message under our contact page.

I will personally respond to all inquiries that are received. There are some requirements that should be noted. All post inquiries should be history related. This can include book reviews that are both non-fiction or fiction. I will even accept historical fiction short stories if any writers want them shared on my blog. My blog covers non-fiction history, historical fiction, classical literature, biographies, book reviews (history), etc. so all post should fit into those categories. I would like to avoid all things political so that’s off limits.

Now I would also like to discuss one last thing. I have broken up with the U.S Civil War and will be from here on out not writing or discussing the topic on my blog. You may have noticed I have recently changed my menus. I wanted to remove the civil war category and make the menu a little more simpler so it would be easier to navigate the blog.

I love Civil War history and always have since I was a little girl bookworm reading novels and am a huge fan of learning more about the topic; however, I am going to be keeping that love more private going forward for so many reasons that I will do my best to explain in the fullest without being too long winded and off point.

The biggest reason is that I have found personally that the U.S Civil War community at large is a very toxic community. It is probably not the fairest to paint the entire community with such a brush but by far that has been the majority of my experience. Each and every time I post anything related to the civil war there has been so much hate and toxicity in the comments on social media that it shocks me in too many ways.

I have never experienced anything like it!

A big example of this would be my Abraham Lincoln post that appeared on the blog recently. I shared it on Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and Twitter. The comments were ugly. They had nothing to do with the post itself but got very charged politically especially in a few Facebook groups. Nobody attacked me personally but the debates were not pretty. My post turned into a board for a nasty insulting feud about whether Abraham Lincoln or John Wilkes Booth were the true villain of our country. I don’t want to play into that kind of discussion at all; moreover, I don’t want my articles and writing to bring about such disgusting comments towards people. My post won’t ever be a platform for anyone to degrade past presidents or figures, any person at all commenting on it, and really what is the point of it anyways? History is about learning from the past, sharing facts, remembrance of those before us, and for inspiration. Knowledge is always power. I will not stand for the ugliness of people who think they can say anything because they have the protection of being behind their screen. That toxicity is not ever my goal with my blog, writing, and plans for the future. I am just a woman who wants and dreams of being a writer. I work really hard at it too and even went back to college so I could learn more history, writing skills, and better myself. My only hope is to share my love of history, movies, and books through the words I write on this blog. It is my project of love. That is it. Now I am not going to sit here and claim my post are always roses, sunshine, and happily ever after because history is far from that.

I do my absolute best to be accurate, unbiased, and tell the truth of what I see, hear, and know. A lot of research, time, effort, and writing go into my post. I am always striving to do better, be better, and write the best I can. I think because of all the effort I put into this website is the reason I take the hate in the comment sections of my post on social media so very personally even if not directed at me but others commenting. It is not really something to be tolerated and this is why I have come to the conclusion that I won’t post or write anymore about the civil war our country went through and its tragedies.

It is a huge shame it has come to this but honestly I think it is the best decision I can make for my blog. I also exited every single Civil War group I was a member of on Facebook because holy batman, the toxicity is thickest on silly little Facebook. In one group where I actually did get attacked showed this much nastier side of the debate. It is a bit of a long story but boy do I want to tell it! Okay for starters I am part of a network called the History Alliance, and moderate for several major groups such as U.S history, World History, Women’s History, and WWII Military History. I love that community and the people in it more than I can ever express in words. So when I was offered by a man who I am just going to say is highly mentally ill to be a moderator for his Civil War group I was excited. Hey I love being a moderator on Facebook and love Civil War History. Well not even a day of being added I see this man in my US History group literally attacking the lead admin, a very good friend of my mine. This didn’t sit well. I also noticed in this man’s group the mods and the man himself encourage racism, politics ugliness, and division in our country. They literally are trying and hoping for a second civil war! That is beyond crazy in so many ways. I do not support the division in our country or the racism that is all too real. So it already wasn’t sitting well being a part of this very racist group and before I had even had the chance to exit, I see the man going off in a very racist and rude tirade towards a friend and colleague who has nothing but my up most respect. No way! No dice! I am out! So I message the man and basically ask him what gives? Why is he going into one of my groups that I moderate for and being rude to my friends? I cannot tell you how crazy that very short conversation went. I was basically told to ditch my current groups if I want to remain a moderator for his group and to stop defending a clear socialist. That is hilarious because of how untrue that statement really was but it got better. Now I am loyal to the groups I moderate for and their leads/creators so no way was that ever even going to happen.The man then goes on to describe how he is a prophet and so was his mother. To wrap this up, clearly some mental illness occurring and his group was way too racist, toxic, and it really opened my rather blind eyes to how bad the division is right now.

Well it wasn’t twenty-four hours later that my Facebook page got attacked and every single post got tons of reports to Facebook. I wholly believe I was attacked by the aforementioned group but have no way of truly knowing or verifying this. It is just a hunch I have. It is all too coincidental. All is one- hundred percent fine now currently and always has been. I don’t post anything that would could come close to breaking any guidelines for Facebook. I post about history and books mostly. I also enjoy sharing photos from history. So the end result was my page is fine and wasn’t removed by Facebook; however, It was weird experience and really made me look at all the Civil War Groups I am a part of on Facebook leading to the decision to break up with the Civil War.

I don’t want to get too political with this post so am going to limit my comment to this. I think if you are wanting a second civil war in this country because you are so far on the right or left side of politics then you are not doing this country any favors at all. You are not spreading awareness, truth, or anything good. Racism exist on all spectrums. It is our job as citizens to be the example. Be self-aware, open-minded, kind, caring, and learn from what you see around you. Our country needs this more than ever.

This is basically the main reasons why I don’t want to be a part of the Civil War community anymore in any way. From my experiences this year it has proven to be way too toxic and political for my nature as an introverted bookworm. Too many people that should be grown reasonable thinking adults are all too ready to spew nonsense in my opinion no matter what the truth is as long as they feel they are justified in their hate, racism, blindness, or wild theories. I apologize if my broad jab at the community has offended anyone who is not part of that toxicity. I really don’t mean to put you into that category. Let me just say it is all too easy for the bad seeds to ruin it for the good ones.  My post is not personal towards anyone specific at all. Just a general thought I have come too in my experiences being a blogger, writer, and history buff. Now with that all said I would like to add I am all too aware that social media and the internet is continually becoming more and more toxic in general and I am doing my best to avoid that and write what moves me and the things I am passionate about. I do my best to turn a blind eye to all the ridiculousness that is the internet and social media.

I am sorry if the fact there will be no U.S Civil War post again on the blog is disappointing to anyone who is kind enough to read my blog. I do plan on writing a lot of U.S History including the American Revolution, World Wars, and have a lot to share! I hope that is some comfort. I have so many plans for this blog involving my countries history, the world wars, and my love for all things royal history with a big focus on women history as I have always done. I appreciate you guys beyond belief for the support of my blog and writing. It is what keeps me going as a wannabe writer!

Much Love!


Samantha James


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26 thoughts on “Why I Broke Up With the U.S Civil War & I Am Also Looking For Guest Posters For The Blog

  1. Dear Samantha, well done! I agree with you about leaving such a community, where there must be many a decent member but also ugly people who abuse that space of culture and dialogue. I admire your commitment, you really uphold history! All the best, Gianluca

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    • That is saddest part of it all I think , is the fact that yes there are tons of reasonable historians and history lovers that are great but it is the others that are spoiling the ability to have decent dialogue about history. Well said Gianluca! I really appreciate the support too! Many thanks!

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  2. How sad. And bold. You have shared some passionate work on the U.S. Civil War – but clearly you have decided to branch out: bravo! I shall scour my pages and my imagination for a post to be considered for inclusion. And continue reading Chronicles with interest. Well done, Samantha!

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  3. Sorry to hear you have experienced this. I find that many people who talk about history on social media don’t know what they are talking about. They go with a perceived acceptable flow. I only follow people, like yourself who have a passion for history. This is different then someone who wants to make a political statement about whether or not it was PC. History happened, get over it, is my argument. I am interested in learning about history, more as I get older. It is exciting to see the correlations with today. I like Civil War history to a degree. Especially learning about the passions people had and even their ethics toward choices based on family. History has never been pretty. But we must appreciate the value of it and use it to grow as people.

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    • Jeannine I am sitting her clapping and nodding so approvingly on all you said. It is so true that you cannot ignore the uglier side of things. They happened. Every and each time. History shows us people and the world for what we truly are. Imperfect. Yet with all that it also shows so much to admire in the goodness of people, the courage, and kindness. There is two sides of that coin. The world has been an amazing place filled with beauty, compassion, and overcoming but it is also filled with tragedy, cruelty, and the not so pretty side of human nature. It is so important to show it how it was and as clearly as possible. I agree that the value of it to allow us to grow as individuals and as a society is a magnificent thing. I also greatly appreciate your kind words and feel so encouraged by them! Thank you ❤


    • I wholly agree with that statement. Which is why for now I think it is best to walk away from that topic for the moment. I don’t want my articles or blog being a platform to continue the ridiculous ugly and mean side of it just because people feel safe with the being the internet and being behind their screens. Doesn’t mean though I am going to stop posting history I love and sharing books I am passionate about! Thank you for the support!


  4. Hi, Samantha. Sorry to hear you are the latest victim of intellectual bullying online. It’s pervasive on Facebook, on Twitter, and increasingly in person. Even completely neutral comments can be targets from the right or left, often by people whose main interest is stirring up hatred. I’ve seen peer-reviewed articles removed from online journals, apparently because their studies were cited in op-ed pieces that were attacked by haters from one side or another.
    The result is that in a world with more access to information than ever before, we are increasingly hearing only from the side that can shout the loudest. People in the middle who want to explore reasonable questions often make the choice not to share them instead. If you are still a history-lover 50 years from now, remember this moment and tell the world, which will have forgotten it by then.

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  5. I am so sorry you had to go through this and are forced to make this decision. I’m glad you left such a toxic community and are able to protect your own mental health and continue to follow your passion in different ways. I love your posts because of the effort and research you put into them (especially the historically photos). And I look forward to reading more of what you have planned.

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    • Thank you so much scribbling scribe! That means a lot and yes definitely will be here following my passions full blast and sharing everything I love about history, reading, and writing! I love being part of this community and am so thankful to have my blog! ❤❤❤


  6. At least you’re in good company. One of my dissertation committee members ran a fairly popular history blog for a few years. But every so often, someone offended by history would try to blackball the blog’s Facebook page, or hers, using the method you describe. It’s a mite disturbing to see almost everything you’ve posted temporarily disappear until the Facebook gods decide you’ve been the victim of a hit job (a process you have ZERO control over).

    And no, it didn’t stop her. Don’t let it stop you.

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  7. I am so very sorry to read about what you had to endure. I recently left a writer’s association for similar reasons and feel so much better about it. No regrets. I can write just fine without a fancy membership. And you can read, learn and publish about the civil war without the negativity!

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    • Yes I have seen where the writer community has been toxic too bit luckily haven’t found it to be the norm and am so thankful for people and writers like you that are so kind and supportive! I am happy to hear you left that Association because people like that won’t do your mental health or your goals any good. I prefer to stick with people who are kind and passionate about history, books, and writing the way I am. It is people like you that will help a writer feel encouraged and do good for others. Much love! ❤

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  8. Sad to hear. There is an unfortunate trend in modern discourse, not just social media, to take things to extremes. We may all interpret history in our own way, but it takes a while, and reading people like yourself, to find the truth of what really happened. Keep it up!


  9. Hi Samantha, sorry to hear abouty your experience although I cannot say that I am too surprised. Social media, internet groups and the like have sadly become quite toxic and platforms for people to spew all sorts of nonsense. I remember visiting Atlanta a few years back and met a woman from Syracuse, NY through a friend. We visited the Civil War museum and in hushed tones, she said “some people here still call it the war of northern agression”. That told me a lot. Keep writing and producing the great posts that you do.

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  11. Your comments regarding the Civil War responses are well taken. It seems to me that in our present world of armchair generals, fan boys, and nuts of both sides of the political spectrum our society has gone insane. Ignorance is rampant. A few weeks ago at a lecture on the history of the American Revolution, a man who has an advanced engineering degree raised his hand and when recognized by the speaker said “Well what you are saying is not what I learned in the 7th grade.” He wasn’t joking. Keep up the good work.

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    • Here is to hoping things can settle down! Thank you for the comment. Sometimes it does feel like we live in an insane world. That is why I am firm believer in trying to be a light in this world, and focusing on the things you can control. Wish you well. Have a great day today!

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