Want To Share Your Writing? Join Our Writing Team! The History Table & Other Updates!

The Chronicles of History is looking to develop a writing team for the blog and I am looking for guest posters if any history writers are interested in having their work published and shared on our site! The blog mainly covers U.S History, Medieval History, Royal History, and both World Wars. We also share book reviews and short-stories!

The Chronicles of History is in a unique position to share historical content and help promote other writers and get their work out there. I want to be that resource and also want to be able to offer a variety of history to all of us that love reading about the past. If you want to join our team then please email us at: thechroniclesofhistoryblog@gmail.com or send us a message through our contact tab in the top menu of the website. I will personally respond to all inquiries as soon as possible. I hope to work with you!

Please Note: The Chronicles Of History no longer entertains or discusses the topic of U.S Civil War, so inquires about posting on that genre will be declined. I have explained the matter in an article titled Why I Broke Up With The Civil War if you want to learn more details on why we have discontinued all civil war articles on the website.

Now for a big update. I have created what is called The History Table. They are connected groups on Facebook, Reddit, and MeWe. (I am considering adding The History Table to LinkedIn, I will update if that happens!). The History Table is a set of groups I created on social media as a way for Historians and history lovers to share their work. A good place to discuss, learn, and find interesting history. The History Table’s goal is to be open to all sorts history and diving into the past of those who came before us. I simply ask that we all remain civil towards one another even in times of disagreement. No politics, with the minor exception that politics are acceptable in the context and history they took place in. That is really my only guidelines on protecting the atmosphere of the group and keeping it all about the history we all love so much to read and talk about. Thank you very much! Come and join the table talk! We can’t wait!


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