The Chronicles of History – Under Construction – Be Right Back! ….

Hello everyone, I am taking a quick second to let it be known that The Chronicles Of History is going to be under going some reconstruction over the weekend. It has been two years since I started this blog and I thought I would do some theme recalibration and updates on its general appearance.  Nothing too drastic.

I just want to update its looks and modernize it a tad bit. Shuffle things up a bit and just refresh my website’s overall look. Now this means that things probably will look fairly out of whack and funky on the site over the weekend. Even this message you are reading might not look quite right as I intend to add a new theme and get started in just a few minutes after posting this message. I apologize for any inconvenience, it is just going to take me a few days to get everything situated right. As many of you know, who run websites, the moment you start playing with layout and changing themes, well things tend to get messy. Everything gets put off kilter until some clean-up happens.

I will probably even have to go back through all my previous post and reformat them in order to get them looking nice but that is okay. I picked a weekend so I would have the time to get everything done and there will be a new post ready for Monday morning.

Now, I do love my blogs look and everything but there are some minor things that really bug me about it and it has been a couple years since any updating at all. I think it is time. Thank you everyone for the support of my blog, I appreciate you all!

4 thoughts on “The Chronicles of History – Under Construction – Be Right Back! ….

    • Thank you! It won’t be all that different, same general look and feel. I am just revamping somethings a tiny bit. Some small changes/updates, nothing too drastic or anything that will take away from general feel of the website. I already updated the themes, now just working out all the technical stuff ❤


      • Yay! I think it’s looking great, clean and super easy to navigate! I also loved the post carousel at the top! You could use a drop-down menu if you want to shorten the menu a bit. Overall, I think it looks fun and professional! 🥳❤️


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