The Chronicles Of History’s New Look! What Do You Think?

Hello everyone! I am all finished with the general design and new updated look of the website! Yay! I have worked very hard the last 24-hours on making it how I want it to be. It was actually a lot easier than I thought despite some issues and headaches caused from a few coding errors to make my post full width!

We prevailed though even with our limited experience in this. I didn’t go crazy with changes, I really always loved the general feel of my site and didn’t want to loose that. The general soul of my site has stayed the same, just made some improvements. At least, what I hope are improvements. I was honestly hoping to get some opinions on that which is the sole purpose of me writing this very short and quick post. If you have a moment, and don’t mind taking a look at my homepage and browsing the site for a second, I would be very grateful.  Leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts about the look, design, formatting, and feel of my site. Now keep in mind that the work isn’t 100% done because on actual post, the photos are much too large and kind of look funky too me. I will be reformatting every post tomorrow to fix this and make the actual post look more smooth. So that is still a work in progress.

Refreshing my site with a new look hasn’t been a terrible process. It was a lot easier this time then when I first created my blog. That process I believe took me an entire week to complete before I was happy with how it look not 24-hours like this time. This is probably due to the fact I had my site already established and wasn’t starting from zero and making something from scratch. Now one thing I am really wanting to know, is should my post be full width with no sidebars showing, just a full page on its own for the post, or should it be scaled down a bit and show the site’s sidebars? An opinion on that would be so helpful because as of right now, I can’t decide which I prefer, so thoughts please! It takes only a matter of seconds to change so I am putting that to a vote. Let me know what your answers in the comments. That about sums up things for the weekend. Monday I will have brand new post coming out! Thank you!


Samantha J.

Ps. Below is a photo of the new homepage layout with its feature slideshow, menus, sidebars, and recent post feeds. I also just realized as I’m editing and previewing this post that the photo I attached below no matter how small I scale it, looks full sized in the post. All my photos look too large to me, so this is a problem for Saturday afternoon. haha! This new layout is definitely going to be make how I format my post different from now and will take getting used to!






15 thoughts on “The Chronicles Of History’s New Look! What Do You Think?

  1. Well, let me tell you what I see, and decide if I’m seeing what you wanted.

    First, keep in mind that if someone comes to your blog within the WordPress reader, all the website context is lost. Those people still just see the blog post.

    Second, if I go to the blog post from the reader, I do get the full width post. This tells me that you want me to be concentrating on what you just posted, not on past blog posts or other links. That’s actually not a bad idea; I might take it up myself in a redesign.

    Go to your home page, and this is the order in which I see things:
    1. Header: tells me the blog’s name, and shows me categories of posts. Gives me an idea of what the blog is about.
    2. Rotating image with the start of the blog text that goes with it. Eye-catching; good. Main question here is why I’m seeing the ones I see. Presumably you have a reason for choosing the ones that show up here.
    3. Left-hand column of popular posts, presumably to lure readers in with posts that have already attracted other readers.
    4. Then to recent posts, a less direct lure, but if the reader’s still hesitating, may nudge them based on what you’ve done recently, versus what’s apparently popular. Not a bad split. But you need to review these last two categories (#3 and #4) every so often to make sure they’re giving the reader what you hope is an attractive and informative look at your blog.
    5.If you haven’t got the reader by this point, you won’t, so the rest of the home page should be the ways to link and find things on your website.
    There’s some good placement here, enough that as I think of reformatting my blog, I might swipe a few ideas.

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  2. Dynamic News layout — my first question was what was your layout and I asked myself that because your site looks AWESOME! Congrats. You did a great job and I marvel at the dedication & skill (& hardwork) you’ve brought to your craft. You are an inspiration and I will share your site with lots of folks. (When I get time 🙄)

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