Daily Dose of History By Josh Yohe – Volume I (January-June)

Today’s post has me really excited! I have been a long time follower, admirer, and supporter of Hidden History created by Josh Yohe and Ryan Troutman. Their website, Facebook page, and team are quite amazing! They post very interesting history tidbits, photos, and stories nearly every single day. I always look forward to their new post.

Recently, I have collaborated with Josh Yohe and was provided with two free copies of Hidden History’s newest books called Daily Dose of History. In today’s post, I will be reviewing Daily Dose Of History Volume I which covers the months of January through June. Next month, I will write about my thoughts for volume two which covers July through December. I was very eager to begin reading the book because I am a massive fan of today in history and learning about events that occurred in the past throughout the year. A many of you know, I often do today in history snippets on my The Chronicles Of History Facebook page. They are just fun to me and really enjoy this style of learning history.  So it is no exaggeration when I say that this book was one I was really looking forward to reading!

Now, before I begin the review, here is a quick synopsis: 

Daily Dose of History is a unique, one-of-a-kind history book. Each month contains a specific topic and each day progresses from early years to more modern in relation to the specific monthly topic. Each day also includes a quote relating to the story and a person who was born and one that died on that day in relation to the monthly topic. Written for everyone from the biggest history buff to an early history enthusiast, we guarantee that the reader will learn about something or someone new. “The truth of history through stories, quotes, and trivia!” 

To start off my review of Daily Dose Of History, I want to discuss the formatting of this book because it is quite lovely and genius. Each day is only a single page which makes for an easy, quick, and effortless read. The simplicity yet informative details made this book extremely enjoyable. Nothing is more interesting than reading events that have happened and I loved going page by page reading what was occurring on each day in history. Now with that said, it is so much more than just information being repeated. Each day tells readers the stories of people who have lived before us and include their words in quotes. I love firsthand accounts with a fiery passion, it is my absolute favorite!

I appreciated this so much because as many know, that is what I love about history and what I try to capture here on the blog with my own writing. Telling history in the form of stories makes it so real, relatable, and allows it to truly hit home how important history is to us all. The people who lived before us were true and real. There is so much to learn from them. As a reader, I felt this captured the very essence of the reasons why I love history, reading, and writing.

On top of the details and lovely narration of each day in history, the book has themes for each month which I found to be unique and engrossing as a reader. It wasn’t something I expected but when reading thought was quite a brilliant tactic in how to present this style of book. Something that hasn’t been done before. An example of this would be the month of January, which had a cold war theme. All entries centered and involved events during the cold war.

Now, I don’t want to have too many spoilers in my book reviews so won’t say in detail what other themes are involved; however, I do want to stress how awesome I think this approach was. Readers will not be left disappointed. There is so much history in this world and as a writer, I would have been hard pressed to figure out what stories and histories get told. By making it up into different varying themes, this provides readers with not only expectations for the month but makes each month all the more memorable. It also leaves room for more books to be written with different themes and history. The sheer cleverness of this left me rather impressed and wishing I had thought of it!

I really enjoyed the concept of this book. The writing is interesting and really provides a lot of details in a short framework but does an amazing job setting the scenes and era. One of my favorite parts of it is that each daily entry has side section detailing a memorable quote, a memorable event, and honors someone who had passed away on that day in a section titled Prominent Passing. I thought this was so well done and a great way to honor amazing people who have forged the path before us in some way and changed the world against incredibly difficult odds. They were worth recognizing. Overall, I want to give this book 5 out 5 stars and highly recommend for all history lovers.



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