History – Books – Writing – Come Join The Talk!

Hello readers, this is just a quick post to go over a few groups that we have on Facebook, Mewe, and Reddit for those interested in the topic of history, writing, and books. There are several different spots I run from The History Table, Women’s history, and The Bookends Literature Group. The groups are an excellent place to share your interest with others whether it be book reviews, historical articles, writing, or history documentaries.

It is not only a spot where you can share your knowledge or simply get feedback on your writing but also where you can find interesting posts to read and a great community to have on your side. I know personally that I have met some wonderful people in both the book and history community from these groups. I am hoping to grow all three places on Facebook and Reddit. Right now, I will admit that The History Table on Reddit is rather newly formed and quite a dead space with just a couple members currently, so if are on Reddit then consider checking it out to help make it into something. The groups on Facebook are already active with thousands of members and definitely worth having a look at. I highly recommend them to my fellow bloggers because it is the perfect place to share your post with others who have similar interests. Now, as I mentioned the other day, I have a lot of posts coming up.


Welcome to The History Table! Feel free to share, post, and discuss things among yourselves. This group is for anything related to history, books, and literature. My name is Samantha, and I write for The Chronicles of History. A blog I created and love dearly. Feel free to contact me if you need anything or have any concerns about the group. Please keep to the topics of history, books, and literature. Thank you! I hope everyone enjoys being a member of the group!
GROUP RULES:This should be very simple. Please be civil in all discussion towards each other and refrain from modern politics. I don’t ask a lot and will be diligent about enforcing a “Be Nice Policy.” Let’s make sure this is a good atmosphere open to discussion like mature adults. Be polite to others at all times.

Welcome to Women’s History! This group is where we celebrate the contributions of women all over the world and are happily part of the History Alliance Network. Thank you everyone for joining and making this group great! Please feel free to share anything about women in history. Always keep the discussion polite especially towards other members and try to avoid modern politics. Group guidelines can be found in the about section which are pretty simple and straight forward in order to keep this a friendly atmosphere focused on history. The about section also includes a list of other connected history groups that may be of interest. If anyone has any questions or concerns in Women’s History don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the admins and mods. Please enjoy the group fellow history lovers! ☯️

The Bookend’s Literature Group is here to give authors and readers a place to share whatever they want book-wise. If your a reader who wants to share their thoughts, reviews, or find books? This is the group for you. Are you an author who wants to share their books and covers? This is a community for writers and readers alike to find a home. ❤

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