Dear Readers, I Royally Messed Up!

Hello readers, I am writing another quick post before tomorrow’s book review series comes out and I start posting them. Guys, I messed up. That’s all I can say. I have been so devastated the last twenty-four hours, and it is because I messed up the design of my website. I don’t know if any of you can recall my big redesign and update back in July of 2021.

It was at that time, I renovated and updated the overall look. Well. I got it into my head after work Friday afternoon, to do some updates, scale back a little and adjust some things. Since July, I haven’t been sold on the design and how busy it was looking. My preferences are simple and minimal.  What I didn’t intend to do was ruin everything and break my website. It took several hours to fix, and get the blog back to a space I am happy with.

I have been feeling really bummed over all this because the theme model I was using for the newer design (Dynamic News)  is not something I can replicate again. Its apparently has been discontinued, and I simply was grandfathered in. This means I started from design scratch all over again.

Too be honest, I just went back to using the old theme I started with when opening this blog, and implementing designs from the original look. I am very happy with this actually because I feel it looks less busy and is more reflective of my personality. There are some things that still need repairs and updates too but I will get to them as I am able.

Mobile layout isn’t currently working yet and is still broken, along with some links, and general formatting on quite a few post. (I tried to fix them all and is a work in progress).

Luckily, I did however get it back to an acceptable level of fixed and made the blog presentable again after about five hours of frantic working on it.

My apologies for taking the blog through another design change.

Thanks Kindly,

P.S here is to hoping most liked the old design better anyways! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Dear Readers, I Royally Messed Up!

  1. What a drag. I am having all sorts of issues as well. Nothing looks like it used to and I wonder if it’s for the same reason– old theme. Thanks for the heads up and good luck. Remember. It’s the content that counts!!

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    • Thanks. I was reduced to tears but thank God none of my content was messed with then I would have really cried! Haha. I do backup all my stuff but to have to repost all of them would be unfathomable. I am sorry to hear your having issues. Hope they get resolved! If I can help. Just let me know!

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    • Thank you. I finally have it set how I want. Turns out how I went originally is what I like most. Tech support did offer to put the other theme back and fix some things, but decided to just leave as is. I am not messing with it anymore! I don’t like changing things over again and again. haha!

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