The Chronicles Of History Is On Fire! Updates & A Message To The Readers!

I want to begin this message off by first personally thanking each and every one of you, who have as of late been so supportive and kind about my work. The love has definitely been felt. Unfortunately, due to school, work, and kids, I haven’t always been the most consistent when it comes to the page.

As much as I love The Chronicles of History, sometimes life does get in the way. It always sucks when I wind up not having time to give this what it deserves. My goals are important and sometimes there is simply too many balls to juggle. Every step made though is progress towards what is ahead.

Luckily, I have had the space this month to really get back to writing with a fierce force. There has been some time available me to focus on the page while I complete the switch from community college associate degree to beginning university to start my bachelors degree. It is pretty exciting!

I have been working hard too on my book series titled Women Of War. Pretty soon I will have the rough draft worked out entirely and be able to share some snippets and more about the series. That will all be by the end of the year. In the meantime, I have made some minor updates to the site.

Mostly just adjusting the bottom of the page’s look, simplifying things, and changing top menus. I have added a new menu category as well to accommodate the historical news articles I want to share on the page. I am finally very happy with how my site looks. Finally! I had issues with layout.

The about section has been redone also, and revised. I am hoping that you guys can take a look at it by clicking here or by simply reading below.

Please do let me know your thoughts on it and the site itself as a whole. Any suggestions, tips, and thoughts are really appreciated a lot! I am not the most savvy when it comes to websites. Haha.



Hello, my name is Samantha James. I created this website because I have a passion for all things history, writing, literature, and books. The Chronicles of History’s mission is to bring unique, interesting, mysterious, and unknown history from our past right to the center stage for readers to enjoy.

History is filled with events that are dramatic, heroic, tragic, sad, heartening, and everything in between. I want to tell those stories and write my own.

There is nothing more fascinating than history and reading. It is our connection to the world around us that I believe has allowed mankind to forge ahead into the future. The fierce people who have walked before us should be remembered, honored, and celebrated in all ways possible.

I am currently studying a history program along with both creative writing and non-fiction. My hope is to get a masters degree in History with an emphasis on English Literature within the next four to five years.

My educational journey has been a long one. Many achievements have been made towards this goals and I will be attending SDSU to begin my second degree, a Bachelors by Spring 2023. I am so excited for the next steps!

I truly from the bottom of my heart hope readers enjoy all the historical post, history articles, archeological news, book reviews, short stories, poetry, and literature I plan sharing on this site. The Chronicles Of History has quite a long adventure ahead. Thank you for coming along. Enjoy the ride!



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