The Chronicles Of History – A Quick Message To Everyone!

Hello, I am writing a quick update. For starters, this month has not begun as I had hoped. The blog was doing so strong over June and I had planned to start July off with some well deserved fireworks; however, all plans were immediately cancelled. I have been so ill the last couple weeks with Covid.

I swear it all hit me out of nowhere, the morning started out great. I was fine but by the afternoon after a small nap, I couldn’t breathe and had a very high fever. I am fully vaccinated so am still unsure why it hit me so quick or strongly, but I have been very sick and only now starting to get better. It has sucked but I am very grateful to be getting back to normal. Now my work schedule is a bit funky this month but posting should resume again immediately and I am looking forward to all the post I have planned.

This month’s post, I am going to start out with some book reviews and a Tudor Book Tag post I am very excited to get out there after seeing some book historians do their own. I also have some writing advice post written up ready to share. It should be a great month. There is plans to continue the weekly news reel too as that has seemed to be getting some great responses and being well received. I am also looking forward on catching up on everyone’s post too! Following post on the reader is my favorite pastime!

Now before I got sick, I also created a new Facebook page titled Samantha The Reader to be a sister page to The Chronicles Of History. I thought this would be a great idea. This way I can have a history and a book page both on Facebook. On the blog, I know I have been blending things, but thought people would like two separate ones on Facebook geared towards whatever they are interested in. I am more free on the blog because I want to just enjoy writing whatever it is I feel like but there are two pages I will be posting on, that you can follow on Facebook if you would like. Having two will allow me to post all things book on one and keep the history page focused on historical articles, photos, anecdotes, and everything history.

That is it for now, I hope everyone is doing well and has a great week!




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