Happy Holidays! The Chronicles Of History Will Resume In January

Hello Readers, I am writing a quick message to everybody to express my hopes that every one of you has a wonderful holiday season going into the new year and that 2023 starts off well for everybody. I know I have not been posting the last couple of months but all is well. I am doing very good.

School has been keeping me busy as I work to get to the next steps and become the historian and writer I dream of being which explains my lack of posting. Time just is never on my side and school is very important to me because I want to provide readers with the most accurate history and the best possible work. Life has been hectic but that is quite a good thing! 

I have continued to write my book and that should be published this coming year after editing. As far as the blog goes however, posting will not resume until after the holidays. I just need to finish the semester and then Christmas will be upon us quickly after the session ends so I think it makes the most sense to begin posting again in the first week of January. 

This will provide me some needed writing time to make sure all the drafts that are in the works are ready for publishing when I return. There is a lot of articles saved up that never had the chance to see 2022. I cannot express how much I look forward to posting them and reading what everybody else is posting. Can you believe this will be year three of running this site? It sure doesn’t feel like it. The time is flying by much too quickly!

Once again, thank you for all the support from the bottom of my heart. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season filled with love, friendship, and family. This time of year can get stressful so please never forget to take care of yourself and to be kind. My best wishes and happy new years!



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