The Chronicles Of History – A Year In Review: The Top Ten Post of 2022

This year has been a very quick one. 2022 swept by in a blink of an eye and I can barely believe that we are about to enter 2023.  Today will be a quick reflection of the post from the last twelve months before the new ones start in the first week of January. There are a lot of exciting articles coming!

I am really looking forward to another year on the blog. I would love to hear some ideas about what kind of articles, reviews, and stories everyone would like to see posted. Please leave a comment recommending people, events, books, or anything that you would like to see posted in the near future.

My list of the top ten post of the year for 2022 are compiled from the yearly stats. I am basing them on the most read, liked, and commented on post of the year. They will be posted in order started with the top post as #1.

Now without further delay, lets take a look at the top 10 post of the year…..

#1: Two Lost Cities Hidden For Centuries Were Just Discovered In Bolivia

An international team of researchers from Germany and the UK have uncovered a network of cities that include reservoirs and causeways spanning several miles lying within the rainforest of the Amazon basin. This discovery was home to indigenous populations for thousands of years.

Archeologists found the cities located in the Llanos de Mojos savannah forest hidden under thick canopy trees using Lidar technology – a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure variable distances to the Earth. A technique that is more effective than radar.


#2: Bonnie & Clyde Footage | Eyewitness Account Of A Shoot-Out [1933]

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow became the most infamous gangster couple in U.S History after participating in a long string of robberies, murders, and general mayhem throughout the central United States during the great depression. The gang typically preferred to rob small stores and businesses including gas stations.

In today’s post I am going to be sharing an eyewitness account of a shoot-out that occurred between the couple and law enforcement in July of 1933 following actual footage of the shoot out that had taken place a year later resulting in the death of the couple. Bonnie and Clyde were shot to death by police officers on May 23rd, 1934 in Lousianna near Bienville Parish.

(NOTE: This was actually a post published on 2020 but even in 2022 is still one of the site’s most viewed and read post).


#3 – In The Shadows: The Guardian Angel Of New York 

I wrote a new short story titled In The Shadows: The Guardian Angel of New York and I thought I would reshare the story today. I could really use any feedback, thoughts, opinions, criticism, encouragement, and everything else. As you guys all know, I am still bit of a green writer learning the ropes through this blog so any suggestions gives helps!

Story Synopsis: One late evening, the unthinkable happens to a young woman after leaving her shift at a busy New York hospital. Kimberly is found bloody and beaten in an alley near the bar her husband runs when Lt. William Dale of the U.S Airforce happens to stumble upon her. With all the men going off to fight Hitler in the war transforming Europe, it will take everything Kimberly has to find him again. Will they ever be reunited?


#4 – A Detailed Timeline Of Mary Stuart, The Queen Of Scot’s Tragic Life

Today in history on June 19th, 1566 saw the birth of King James VI and I of England, Scotland, and Ireland. He was the son of Mary, Queen of Scots and Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley. In today’s post, I wanted to cover the tragedies of his mother Mary and the complicated life she led before his birth.

I have composed an extensive timeline of events and tragedies that Mary Stuart faced her whole entire life. She is a controversial figure who often has been disregarded for making irresponsible and egregious choices during her reign; however, Mary’s life was brutal from birth and her history is far more intricate than at first glance. It simply cannot be chalked up to just a story of a naïve women. Her life was far more complicated than perceived.


#5 – I Must Leave Or Be A Prisoner: Dolley Madison Flees!

Upon their victory at the Battle of Bladensburg on August 24th, 1814; British troops rush their forces to the nation’s capital at Washington in order to destroy governmental buildings and raise as much havoc as possible.

Witnessing his army’s defeat, President Madison hurriedly sent a message to his wife Dolley, who had remained at the White House, to immediately flee the city. In today’s post, I am sharing a letter by First Lady Dolley Madison who had to flee before the approaching army just a few miles away arrived.


#6 – Archaeologists Discover Ancient Settlements North of Hadrian’s Wall

Archaeologists were able to uncover one-hundred and thirty-four settlements north of Hadrian’s wall that had never been seen before. The discoveries that the archaeologists have made were part of the “Beyond Walls: Reassessing Iron Age and Roman Encounters in Northern Britain project”

The findings hold critical answers to Roman occupation and daily life in the third century. The conclusions and details have been published in May’s issue of Antiquity. Over fifteen-thousand Roman soldiers spent years building the Hadrian’s Wall to mark the Roman Empire’s Northwestern Boundaries in Britain. The wall is primarily made from stone and turf.


#7 – Sneak Peak: Limited Series Flowers In The Attic Origin Story!

I am so excited! As many already known, I have been obsessed with V.C Andrews since around the age of thirteen. Today I get to announce a new limited series being produced by the lifetime channel that will span four episodes and eight hours of V.C Andrews prequel novel Garden Of Shadows.

This is the where the twisted and dramatic story of the Dollanganger children all begins. It goes back in time to tell the tragic story of Olivia Foxworth, the children’s evil and cruel grandmother. One of the main villains in the Flowers In The Attic. I absolutely adored this novel!


#8 – The Assassination of Julius Caesar: Told By Nicolaus of Damascus

By February of 44 BC, Julius Caesar was making enemies left and right. He had consolidated his power in Rome declaring himself dictator for life. This ultimately set off events leading to his own demise. Sixty members of the Senate to agree that he was now a problem that needed to be assassinated.

In today’s post I am going to be sharing Nicolaus Of Damascus account of Caesar’s assassination that he wrote years after it occurrence. Nicolaus was a Greek historian and philosopher who lived during the Augustan age of the Roman Empire. His name is derived from that of his birthplace, Damascus.


#9 – The Tudor Queens Book Tag: The Six Wives Of King Henry VIII!

A few weeks ago, while scrolling my tablet and reading, I came across an article titled Tudors Book Tag, and was quite thrilled while reading it. What a fun and charming Idea! So today’s post is my own Tudor Book Tag where I am focusing on all of King Henry VIII’S wives. He had six marriages.

The Tudor Books Tag idea is quite hilarious too me. I picked six different books that in my eyes matched each of the six queens. We have Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, and Catherine Parr. Each with surprising and unique stories that cross over.


#10 – Witch Trials: How James VI Began Britain’s Murderous Century

Four-hundred years ago, innocent people by the masses were killed as an obsession to stamp out “evil” swept across the British Isles with James I of England/ VI of Scotland at the helm. Women were being accused of witchcraft. The amazing Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb investigates the events of this dark period in a documentary titled Witches: A Century Of Murder.

James VI and I was King of Scotland as James VI from July 24th, 1567 and King of England and Ireland as James I from March 24th, 1603 until his death in March of 1625. James became concerned with the threat posed by witches and wrote Daemonologie in 1597, a dissertation inspired by his personal involvement that opposed the practice of witchcraft.


Thank you so much for all the support and love. It makes me so happy to be able to share history articles, book reviews, and short story with everyone. I love this site with all my heart and feel so blessed that I can post about things that interest me. The history, writing, and book community are by far the best! Now please don’t forget to comment below if you have anything you particularly want me to post in the new upcoming year. I will be taking note!


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