Chaos & Madness! The Chronicles Of History Is Up To Something….

Let the chaos and madness ensue. I’ll probably end up breaking my website…Haha! Okay, so jokes aside. This is just a quick message to tell everybody that your crazy girl over here is about to start some updates! I know what you are thinking … “Really Samantha! We heard this before!” 

The last time I redid my website, I ended up just putting it back the way it was before within just a matter of weeks; however, at the time despite loving the new layout, it was hard to cope with my website looking different. That was very hard for me which is why I went back to the orginal layout.

I realize though that it is beyond time to really upgrade the site’s look and stick with it. Now that I am all moved into the new house and things are settling down. My website really is my current focus. Let’s call this a brand new fresh start as 2023 comes to a close within the next couple months.

New year and all that ….

Please be patient with me because the moment I hit activate on a new theme and start messing around with the settings. I’ll probably throw the site into chaos. If things are looking funky over the next week. Please know I am well aware things are messed up and working on it! Hopefully, the transition is smooth but I am no website designer or even that tech savvy… I do my best!

Thats all this post was meant to be. A simple warning! I just wanted to give everyone the heads up that chaos for the site is incoming…I truly hope everybody is having an excellent week out here and doing good. I send my best wishes your way! Happy Saturday everyone. Keep Calm and Carry On! 

Thank you, 

Samantha James 


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