Royal History ╽Catherine Of Aragon: Heart-Wrenching Letters Of The One True Queen!

When Catherine Of Aragon wrote a heartfelt plea to her father, she held the title of Princess of Wales through her marriage to Prince Arthur of England. The couple had not been married long before the prince’s untimely death in 1502 at Ludlow Castle. Catherine pleads with her father, King Ferdinand II and details all her woes since arriving from Spain. Continue reading

Revealing Letter On King Henry VIII’s Divorce Written By Thomas Cranmer – 1533 AD

In this letter Cranmer writes of the official divorce of Henry VIII from Catherine of Aragon and the coronation of Henry’s next Queen, Anne Boleyn. He speaks of the legal meeting in which Catherine was informed that the King rejected the Pope’s authority over the marriage and of the obvious pregnancy of Anne at her coronation ceremony. 

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Royal History: The Tudors | The Last Letter Of Mary, Queen of Scots – [February 8th,1587]

I want to dive into the very last moments of Queen Mary of Scots and share the very last letter she ever wrote. Mary was executed in England on February 8th, 1587 at Fotheringhay Castle. In Mary’s final hours she decides to pen a letter to King Henry III of France. Henry is Mary’s brother-in-law through her first marriage to King Francis II.

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