Drought In Italy Unearths Lost Shipwreck From World War Two

A stunning historic shipwreck from WWII has surfaced along a massive river for the first time after one of the longest droughts in Italian history occurs as summer begins. The ship was found in a nature reserve in Gualtieri, a small town located on the banks of Po in Emilia-Romagna.

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Invasion of Normandy [1944]: Marie-Louise Osmont Witnesses Everything!

“Shells are exploding everywhere, and not far away, with short moments of calm; we take advantage to run… we return with hearts pounding to burrow into the trench. Each time a shell hisses by too low, I cling to the back of the cook’s helper, it makes me feel a little secure, and he turns around with a smile. The fact is that we’re all afraid.”

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