Books That Shaped My Love Of History From A Young Age – Part One Of Three

What are some books that truly shaped your life in some way or another? As readers, we all have them. In my life, I’ve been heavily influenced by books, many of them being the reason behind my love of history itself, and are the reason I have found a passion for writing. In today’s post, I have compiled a list of the books that created a lifelong love for history in my soul.  Continue reading

Daily Dose of History By Josh Yohe – Volume I (January-June)

Today’s post has me really excited! I have been a long time follower, admirer, and supporter of Hidden History created by Josh Yohe and Ryan Troutman. Their website, Facebook page, and team are quite amazing! They post very interesting history tidbits, photos, and stories nearly every single day. I always look forward to their new post.

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