The Dragons Series

This is a page dedicated to our ongoing and continuous short story series titled The Dragons. It is about six very different people in the kingdom of Ameliadale. Below are each parts and this page will be updated as each new part of the series is published for readers! Thank you for the support!

Part 1: Cordelia & Cole: The Day They Met

Part 2: Cordelia & Cole: Chaos Of The Evil Wizard


Part 3: Cordelia & Cole: The Ultimate Sacrifice!

Part 4: Cordelia & Cole: Welcome To Gwynhallow!

Part 5: Casper & Cassandra: The Witches Have Arrived!

Part 6: Casper & Cassandra: A New Journey & Is it Love?

Part 7: Casper & Cassandra: Cass & Cordelia Do NOT Like Each Other!

Part 8: Caroline & Caleb: The Elves Are Not To Be Trusted!

Part 9: Caroling & Caleb: The Unexpected Heroes!

Part 10: Cordelia & Cole: Together Again … Just Not How They Thought!