The Chronicles of History is a blog whose mission is to bring unique, interesting, and unknown history from our past.  Our goal is to explore the world. History is filled with events that are dramatic, heroic, tragic, sad, heartening, and everything in between. This our writers page, so readers can get to know Samantha (Creator/writer) and members of the writing team who will be posting on the blog. Thank you so much!

Want to have your worked shared on our blog? Come join our writing team! Just contact Samantha at or click our contact form below!  The Chronicles of History is looking to develop a writing team for the blog and I am looking for guest posters if any history writers are interested in having their work published and shared on our site! The blog mainly covers U.S History, Medieval History, Royal History, and both World Wars. We also share book reviews and short-stories! I am open to new topic suggestion and historical ideas that may interest readers, just let me know!

Samantha James – Creator/Writer/Historian 

Samantha James is the creator and author of The Chronicles of History and its blog. She is a full time college student studying History, English, and Library Information Science. The hope is to become an archivist or librarian once school is done. Currently she works as an alarm dispatcher for fire, security, and medical alarms. As an author, she intends on writing many books while also maintaining this wonderful website while she attends school. The Chronicles of History is a history blog full of historical articles, documents, book reviews, and short stories. Samantha’s biggest passions are reading, writing, and history. The Chronicles of History is a pursuit of love and passion.

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The History Table is a set of groups I created on social media as a way for Historians and history lovers to share their work. A good place to discuss, learn, and find interesting history. The History Table’s goal is to be open to all sorts history and diving into the past of those who came before us. I simply ask that we all remain civil towards one another even in times of disagreement. No politics, with the minor exception that politics are acceptable in the context and history they took place in. That is really my only guidelines on protecting the atmosphere of the group and keeping it all about the history we all love so much to read and talk about. Thank you very much!


Thomas Richardson – Writer & Historian

There hasn’t been a time where I wasn’t exposed to great historical narratives. I grew up hearing my grandpa’s war stories, lived adjacent to a Civil War battlefield, and my idea of a Saturday night was going to any nearby history museum. To me, that’s fun. Originally from Springfield Missouri, I received my BA in History in 2012 from the University of Arkansas, spent time abroad studying history in Scotland at the University of St. Andrews, and received my MA in 2016 from Emporia State University. My thesis was actually an oral history project where I interviewed Scottish-Americans about how they research family history and genealogy. These days I work at the National Personnel Records Center, a division of the National Archives and Records Administration. Here I conduct reference work and in-depth research of military records which to me is incredibly rewarding because I help veterans daily. I learn about their accomplishments and simultaneously assist their families in getting important or historical information. Whether they need critical information for medical care or family members want to know what kinds of medals to put in a shadowbox, being a part of that process is wonderfully impactful and rewarding.

I have an eclectic history reading list: Week 1 is the Vietnam War, Week 2 is Prohibition, Week 3 is the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and Week 4 is science fiction and Indiana Jones (that’s just for me). As years go by, I’m expanding my history repertoire to include more diverse topics so I can be well-balanced in my education. I’d really like to read more about the history of Central and South America since I had an amazing history class on that topic in high school. Other interests outside of history include painting, board games, and BBQ (my quest for the best pulled pork in the country is ongoing).

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Anne Clare – Writer & Historian 

Anne Clare is a native of Minnesota’s cornfields and dairy country. She graduated with a BS in Education in 2005 and set out to teach in the gorgeous green Pacific Northwest, where she and her husband still live. She also serves as a church musician, singing in and occasionally directing choirs, playing piano, organ, and coronet (the last only occasionally, when she forgets how bad she is at it.) After the birth of her second child, she became a stay-at-home mom, and after the birth of the third she became reconciled to the fact that her house would never be clean again, which allowed her to find time to pursue her passion for history and writing while the little people napped. Although she’s back to teaching part-time, she continues to write historical fiction and to blog about WWII history, writing, and other odds and ends at

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