Hello, my name is Samantha James. I created this website because I have a passion for history, writing, literature, and books. The Chronicles of History is a blog whose mission is to bring unique, interesting, and unknown history from our past.  History is filled with events that are dramatic, heroic, tragic, sad, heartening, and everything in between. I want to tell those stories and write my own. There is nothing more fascinating than history and reading. It is our connection to the world that I believe has allowed mankind to forge ahead into the future. The fierce people who have walked before us should be remembered, honored, and celebrated.

The focus of my blog will centered around American History, Medieval History, Royal History, Military History, and The World Wars; however, there is also some other stuff I will be writing for the blog too. This would things such as discussing book and film reviews, sharing classical literature, and posting my own short stories. The short stories I write will mostly focus on historical fiction but I do have a love for many other genres too and I am sure my writing will reflect that. I’m a sucker for the horror, fantasy, and thriller genres.

I really hope you enjoy the blog and all our post.  I am a currently studying History as a student at one of my local community college. It has been a long journey I began recently. I intend to transfer to SDSU for the bachelor program but I am unsure where that all is leading. I am content meeting my goals first and getting my associates and then bachelor in history. The reason this is important for me is because I feel it is a powerful tool for my goals ahead. I want to be a good writer and write books. School and this blog are vital in helping me develop my skills. It is important for my path to grow as a writer, researcher, and reader to obtain these skills.

It has been a fun ride so far and I am loving every minute of it! I am from California, and was born in San Diego. I love my home very much. On top of being a writer and student, I do have a full time job working in dispatch for security, medical, and fire alarm emergencies. It is a job I love and allows me time to follow my dreams.

On my off-time I read and write a lot, and spend time with my very large family. Family is absolutely everything to me. I am not sure what else to say except I am here doing my best to live my life as happily as possible.  Thank you for visiting my blog and all the support you guys show me everyday! I can be reached through the Contact Page or directly at thechroniclesofhistoryblog@gmail.com. Lots of love, be well! 

Here are three funny photos of me ❤ :

My favorite quotes on earth:




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