Hello, my name is Samantha James. I created this website because I have a passion for all things history, writing, literature, and books. The Chronicles of History’s mission is to bring unique, interesting, mysterious, and unknown history from our past right to the center stage for readers to enjoy.

History is filled with events that are dramatic, heroic, tragic, sad, heartening, and everything in between. I want to tell those stories and write my own.

There is nothing more fascinating than history and reading. It is our connection to the world around us that I believe has allowed mankind to forge ahead into the future. The fierce people who have walked before us should be remembered, honored, and celebrated in all ways possible.

I am currently studying a history program along with both creative writing and non-fiction. My hope is to get a masters degree in History with an emphasis on English Literature within the next four to five years.

My educational journey has been a long one. Many achievements have been made towards this goals and I will be attending SDSU to begin my second degree, a Bachelors by Spring 2023. I am so excited for the next steps!

I truly from the bottom of my heart hope readers enjoy all the historical post, history articles, archeological news, book reviews, short stories, poetry, and literature I plan sharing on this site. The Chronicles Of History has quite a long adventure ahead. Thank you for coming along. Enjoy the ride!


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Samantha,

    Good on you for pursuing your passion! There is indeed a lot to be learnt from history, and I trust that historians such as yourself will help us navigate toward a more hopeful future. I am also following my passion to help change our out-dated cultural narratives into narratives for a hopeful future, so thanks for following Kokoro 心 Heart. I look forward to reading your posts and connecting around ideas.

    Bodhi 心

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