Book Review | Women’s Suffrage In Wales Written by Lisa Tippings : 5 out of 5 Stars

I was very eager to get another book review posted and what better book than my most recent read Women’s Suffrage In Wales ?  As women’s history month comes to a close, I would like to discuss the captivating stories painted by history author Ms. Lisa Tippings.

The author’s message and reasoning for writing the novel was rather clear to me from the very first paragraphs. She wanted to tell the tales of working-class women that were strong and intelligent enough to fight to have the right to decide on their futures. The roles these women played in bringing about change was astounding. All  honor and respect should go to the deserving ladies such as Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Davis.

Women’s Suffrage in Wales is not a book that just provides tidbits. The author has done an excellent job of including the context of the setting which adds a ton of value in understanding, sympathizing, and learning about the motivations of these incredible women. The social conditions of wales significantly played a part in why the movement was able to gain so much progress. Tippings has a talent for laying out the history in a concise and simple manner. The critical suffragettes and politicians involved really allows readers to understand what it was like during the movement and wartime.

As a lover of history and reading both it wasn’t difficult to find myself sucked into and enraptured by the history of women such as Elizabeth Andrews. She was a suffragette born in 1882. Ms. Andrews organizes and caused the success of the Labor Party in Wales. The party would appoint and promote female organizers who worked gallantly for the causes such as healthcare and education. These women fought for a better future.

The book truly introduces the women suffrage movement and eloquently details the key people involved. The movement was deeply affected by World War One and these events changed history forever as the ladies at home had to pick up the slack for the men at war. They proved themselves able-bodied, clever, and important to society.

The history is just compelling. I have asked Pen And Sword Books to send me more books about this movement. Impatiently will I be looking forward to their arrival! In full disclosure, the book was given to me as a free review copy; however, my review is an honest reflection of my thoughts, feedback, and opinion. I rate all books on GoodReads. This book in particular will be receiving 5 of 5 Stars from me because I truly enjoyed this easy yet informative book. The people are simply inspiring If you have an interest in the suffrage movement this book is a great start!


Women’s Suffrage In Wales allows its readers to take a glimpse at the lives of the many ordinary Welsh women who contributed in some way to the suffrage movement. Although suffragettes from across the rest of Britain, such as Emmeline Pankhurst and Emily Wilding Davis, have become household names, little is ever mentioned about the women living in Wales who fought for equal opportunities and the right to vote.Women’s Suffrage in Wales seeks to readdress this balance. Within her book, Lisa Tippings has chosen to focus on the lives of the mainly working class women who realised the movement gave them an opportunity to embrace change.

Despite living in difficult conditions, the wives of colliery workers and everyday labourers overcame lives of poverty and squalor, to help fight for better lives for those women so often neglected and marginalized.The book also highlights the key role played by important female figures from Wales’ past; names in jeopardy of falling into obscurity. Close attention is paid to Gertrude Jenner, Amy Dillwyn and Elizabeth Andrews amongst others, who in spite of their own difficult circumstances, dedicated themselves to making the lives of those around them more fulfilling. At the same time they ensured that future generations of Welsh women would enjoy a never before experienced sense of freedom and liberty.



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