About The Chronicles of History

My name is Samantha James and I am the author of The Chronicles of History. I love reading, writing, and history fiercely. It is a never ending journey and passion!

U.S History ╽Young Women Homesteaders & The Promise Of The West -Letters To Home

In light of this being the first day of Women’s History Month, I wanted to share letters from women who managed to build homes and a life all on their own starting at the begging of the 1900s.The Homestead Act allowed people to work land out west in order to own it after a period of time. Their stories are inspiring and enlightening.

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The Gestapo’s Enemy Number One╽ Life Story of Nancy Wake – Code Name The White Mouse

Blessed with a cunning ability of outsmarting the Germans and defying their constant traps at every single turn during the second world war, the Gestapo dubbed her “the white mouse”. The actual name of this fearless yet charming woman was Nancy Wake, a New Zealand born journalist who played a critical role in saving lives and never backing down.

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Royal History ╽Princess Elizabeth’s Last Letter To Her Brother King Edward VI

The future Queen Elizabeth writes one last letter to her younger brother, King Edward VI before his death saying “I intend not to fear your graces goodwill, which as I know never disarmed, so I trust you will stand by me…Thus as one desirous to hear of your majesties health, though unfortunate to see it, I shall pray to god for him to preserve you.”

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