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My name is Samantha James and I am the author of The Chronicles of History. I love reading, writing, and history fiercely. It is a never ending journey and passion!

Murder Monday | Poem The Murdered Traveller by William Cullen Bryant

August has finally arrived with this month’s Murder Monday post! Today I am sharing a very interesting poem titled The Murdered Traveller written by William Cullen Bryant. This poem and others by Bryant are available through one of my favorite free resources called The Project Gutenberg.

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The Vampire Wars by Samantha James: I Need Some Feedback & Thoughts!

While going through all my files looking for something on google docs, I happened to stumble upon an old story I was writing a couple years back called The Vampire Wars. It was intended to be a book but has never saw the light of day, and somehow I found myself rereading what I had written.

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