Those Who Do Not Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It – The World Watches The Ukraine War Unfold

The world is watching with heavy hearts as Russia invades the sovereignty of Ukraine this week. I didn’t think I would ever be writing about current world events on this blog. It has never been my intention to do so. This blog is for our historical past, books, and my love of writing; however, in light of these events, what we are seeing is critical history unfolding before our eyes.

The world is on the edge of some massive changes.

With everything that has happened this week and continues to go on, I want to write about Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy because he is showing the world the perfect example of what a true leader looks like.

It really saddens me to see the actions of Russia, and the evil that Vladimir Putin along with his inner circle are inflicting upon the innocent people of Ukraine. People who deserve their freedoms and have every natural human rights each individual on this planet are entitled to. This isn’t a privilege.

Every human deserves it and what the world is witnessing now is not okay. Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. That’s a line I’ve heard my entire life and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine only makes it hit all too close to home. So why haven’t we learned a single thing from the past?

How is war even acceptable in modern society at all?

What is happening has some very striking parallels and similarities to the beginning of World War II and Germany’s invasion into Poland. What the world suffered then is a tragedy that shouldn’t have been. Hitler needed to be stopped and now so does Putin. I know especially as an American, whose country has been involved in wars we had absolutely no business being part of that this is all too easy to say; however, this isn’t one of those times. It’s different. Now is the time to stand. The world needs to be meddlesome against the evil that is occurring in front of our eyes. It must be stopped.

The innocent are being attacked and now is when something needs to be done. I have always struggled with why war has to be a thing when learning history. How cruel humans are to do this to one another. It is inhumane, cruel, and pervasive to wage war. It is only the innocent that suffer for it.

I don’t know how to say what is I am thinking. This is difficult. When Hitler began his campaign of evil, I can understand how World War II was necessary and how it unfolded. Hitler had to be stopped at all cost. He was invading innocent countries, killing millions in camps, and truly destroying all good. It was the world’s duty to end him. The fight had to happen.

How is it not our duty then to put a stop the likes of Vladimir Putin? Isn’t NATO’s whole purpose to stop men like Hitler, Stalin, and now Putin from wreaking havoc onto the unwillingly? To be protectors so that we never have such devastation and death again? “NATO’s purpose is to guarantee the freedom and security of its members through political and military means.” Has the country of Ukraine and its citizens not earned this yet? I think they have, and any country faced with such travesty. We have a responsibility in the here and now. A chance to make the world a better place and as it should be.

My heart is with them and truly I hope they prevail from their invaders and are stronger for it. There is much hope so far. They are fighters and staying strong for their country. I don’t know what tonight or tomorrow will bring for them or the world but I hope they fight fiercely against Russia.

Never I have been so impressed with leadership being shown by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He has refused evacuation offers from several NATO countries and has only requested the aid of weapons and ammo for Ukrainians to defend themselves. It is an excellent show of needed strength.

The risk he is taking by staying and not fleeing the country so far is amazing. The Ukrainian president is doing everything humanely possible to defend the rights of his country and protect its citizens. He is who the Ukraine needs in this hour of horror and time of tragedy.

Now I want to leave readers with a video. it is of an elderly Ukrainian women confronting Russian soldiers, chastising them for being in the Ukraine. May we all be as brave as she in the moments we need the most strength.

Samantha James


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  • I am impressed with their moxy and willingness to fight for their own country! So many others just turn tail and run, hoping other nations will do the fight for them!

  • Great post. This is current event is required to be covered. So many similarities that I see from past history of the 20th century.

  • We so admire these brave people and their awesome President! May they prevail.

  • While I agree with you that Putin must be stopped, I have to ask, how? Hitler was stopped, at the cost of somewhere around 50 million lives. With nuclear weapons, who knows what the cost might be? What we need more than anything is wiser leaders. Hindsight is a great thing, but the West’s triumphalism at the fall of the Soviet Union and refusal to understand Russian security needs and fears, was a very great mistake. I hope that our current sanctions, and the bravery of Ukrainian resistance, will halt the invasion. Anything further is too dreadful to contemplate.

  • very well said as always. We need to stop and take note of what is happening.

  • So far I’ve been incredibly impressed with the Ukrainian people fighting for their country. They are putting up an awesome fight against incredible odds. Do you think that the economic and social sanctions against Russia will have any effect on Putin?

  • At some point Russia will withdraw its troops and stop. Their goal is to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO and the EU. That goal has already been accomplished. They could leave now but will likely continue until the Ukraine government falls. Before the invasion we made clear we would not fight. Now we are seeing the results of that decision.

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