The Writing Corner: Ignorance Is Bliss – A Poem Written By Samantha James

I have written many poems over the years, and thought I would take a minute to share one titled Ignorance Is Bliss. Today’s post will be a short one. The purpose of this poem was to convey that ignorance doesn’t save you from the harsh realities of this world or natural consequences of action.

Please enjoy the poem below and stay tuned!  I have the second part of Cordelia & Cole’s short story that will be coming out tomorrow morning that I can’t wait for, this will be when they finally meet the evil wizard, and I also wrote a poem about the series as a whole that I will be sharing Saturday.

Later in the week I have a Tudors book tag review coming out for All Things Tudor book club that will be discussing a couple good books that I have been reading over the last couple weeks, I have more history post planned, as well as another writing tips article. It will be a very jammed packed week!

Click here for Part One of Cordelia & Cole. 

Ignorance Is Bliss

Ignorance is bliss: That is the belief
It won’t save me from the abyss
Too easily dismissed
Too easily deceived
Carrying my heart on my sleeve

Ignorance is bliss: That is remiss
This is not easy to admit
The eyes already know
There is nowhere to go
The truth is not to be missed

Ignorance is bliss: That is the message
It is a deadly passage
Carrying its own baggage
Creating a world of damage
Landing in a heap of wreckage

Ignorance is bliss: That is fraudulence
It won’t save me from the consequence
It was all false confidence
The truth is bottomless
The lies Profitless

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Henry and Clare’s passionate affair endures across a sea of time and captures them in an impossibly romantic trap that tests the strength of fate and in the bonds of love. “Niffenegger’s inventive and poignant writing is worth a trip”



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