A Poem Dedicated To My Ongoing Dragons Short Story Series

The Dragons series is a new short story that I will be posting from time to time. In today’s post, I wanted to share a poem I wrote about the characters and the nature of their stories as a quick introduction. A poem seemed like a fun way to do so! This series is intended to be continuous and ongoing.

So far readers have met Cordelia and Cole. They are the fairy and dragon in our story whose love runs deep despite everything imaginable keeping the two part. Their worlds will be colliding with our elves and witches. All very unique and different individuals whose lives are intertwined and connected.

I hope everyone enjoys my silly poem below about the world of dragons. Please do let me know what your thoughts on it are! Now, if you have not read the stories yet, so far we have part one published titled Cordelia & Cole: The Day They Met and part two titled Cordelia & Cole: The Chaos Of The Evil Wizard. Please give them a read if they sound interesting to you! I am really hoping for feedback on my writing and the story if possible!


By Samantha James 

The six of them

They are the dragon witches

United they fight

Divided they die

It is not hard to see why


Cordelia and Cole

A simple fairy

A heartbroken dragon

They will set the world on fire

With a single flame

A swipe of the blade


Casper and Cassandra

They are the witches

Love is in the air

Not without fear

Do not worry dear

They are meant to be

You will see


Caroline and Caleb

They are the elves

The outnumbered

The outclassed

From the school of ironic

Evil from birth

They prove themselves

It is quite iconic


The six of them

They are the dragon witches

Chosen to rise

The world depends on them

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Part One: Cordelia & Cole: The Day They Met

Part Two: Cordelia & Cole: Chaos Of The Evil Wizard

Part Three: Cordelia & Cole: Ultimate Sacrifice (COMING SOON)

Part Four: Cordelia & Cole: Welcome To Gwynhallow (COMING SOON)


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