Eight FREE Books On Kindle While The Sale Last! Quickly Now! Hurry!

This is going to be a very quick post. I just wanted to share with everyone eight books that are currently on sale for kindle for absolutely free and no Kindle Unlimited subscription required! Readers just need an amazon account and the free kindle app for their e-readers devices or phone. Yay!

I’m not sure how long the sales are going for, so I would hurry! There is no guarantee that if you are reading this even twenty-fours hours from now that the sale will remain. Each author or publishing company set their own sales. I wish there was a way to find out a date and time for the sale so I could provide you that information but Amazon doesn’t tell us how long.

Now in full disclosure, this is not a review, because I have not read any of them except one so far. I have them all on my kindle for future reading and am looking forward to seeing how they play out. The reviews for each all look pretty good, so I have high hopes that they all will be fairly enjoyable!

It’s 1914 and the great powers of Europe are on the brink of war. In Holbeck, Leeds, the Keeton family struggles to get by on their meagre wages. The six Keeton brothers couldn’t be more different, but the outbreak of World War I puts their lives on hold and sets them on a course of destruction.

Danny Keeton drags his identical twin brother Charlie off to war with the idea that this will be one great adventure. This is not to be the case.

At the tender age of fourteen, he soon discovers war is no place for boys. With the sadistic Sergeant Archibald Braddock and the tender Corporal Nathan Dettmer alongside them, the only goal is to stay alive long enough to make it back home. But how many of the brothers will survive the first brutal year of the bloodiest conflict in human history?


A novel of love and social strife in northern England during the industrial revolution—a masterpiece of Victorian literature.

After a decade spent living with her aunt in London, nineteen-year-old Margaret Hale returns home to her beloved village of Helstone only to discover that her pastor father has had a crisis of faith and is moving the family to the North of England. In the industrial town of Milton, Margaret is horrified by the dirty air, the shocking poverty, and the pervasive mistreatment of the working class.

John Thornton, a student of Margaret’s father and the self-made owner of a local textile mill, finds Margaret haughty and naive, but is drawn to her beauty nevertheless. As tensions between workers and masters mount, a strike appears inevitable. Margaret’s sympathies lie with the downtrodden laborers of Milton, but her heart increasingly yearns for Thornton, whose strength and depth of character will be revealed in a time of profound crisis.

Both a timeless romance and a richly detailed social novel, North and South is a masterpiece of Victorian literature.

This is the original short novel in the four part series, The Rascals of Stafford Street, loosely based on the lives of six actual children growing up in a small southern town during the summer of ’62.

The narrative is filled with humor wrapped around a thread of darkness based on event which occurred during the author’s childhood. An act of violence follows, as the rascals are ensnared in a life and death mystery.


A fast paced, gritty murder mystery through the wilds of territorial New Mexico’s Rio Grande Valley with the feel of a Tony Hillerman novel and the complexity of a Ngaio Marsh mystery. Pueblos, Apache, former Mexican citizens and the US Army collide in a tale of greed and murder. A new civil war mystery series by best selling author Phillip and Jennifer Bryant.

Peter Thomas Smith’s days on the post of Fort Craig, New Mexico territory, are spent fighting boredom, keeping cool, and giving the spiritual state of the 5th California Mounted Infantry volunteers a ready ear. As chaplain, he isn’t asked to do much in the way of fighting Apaches and there have been no wounded in battle to tend to from fighting Confederates.

He is content to let this state of affairs continue, that is until the Piro scout, Tafoya, brings in a soldier half dead with no name, no unit, and no reason for being there. Like his preferred namesake before him, Thomas the doubter, there are too many questions to ignore.

Like historical murder mysteries? Find more civil war mysteries and historical fiction by searching Phillip Bryant or P.J. Bryant. If you like civil war fiction, be sure to hunt up The Shiloh Series by Phillip Bryant, a four novel set.


Sometimes things are not as they seem…
In 1793, all the twenty-four-year-old Charlotte desires is to travel the long distance to Paris and visit Him. Despite La Guillotine operating day and night, in spite of her family’s warnings about her being too independent, she has a true mission and will not be deterred. In the end, will everything work out? Will meeting him give her the fulfillment she so craves?

She only knows that when she finally does face him to execute her plan, she will take care to look her most beautiful. For, by doing that, she will assuredly draw him in––and forever change her life. She cannot wait.

Originally entitled, “Him,” in the short story collection, TALES TO COUNT ON, this is an alternative route to a famous event during the French Revolution.


Naïve but determined, Captain Edward Eldridge refuses to ride out the war from the safety of headquarters and demands a post on the Belgian front line. Shocked by the futility of trench warfare, Edward regrets his fervent support for a war he no longer understands. Amid the brutal fighting, news from Dublin reveals a battle brewing much closer to home.

After being saved from certain death by a man he once thought an enemy, he questions the rigid truths of the world he thought he knew.

Meanwhile, as a housekeeper for a loyalist family, Nora Cullen and her circle of rebels quietly mobilize Dublin to fight for Irish freedom. As she races to uncover her employer’s own secret network, she learns of a deadly betrayal. Steeled by tragedy, Nora seeks a revenge that could cost her life when an unlikely ally befriends her and changes her course.


A man may think his life is only measured by battles fought for the king. Until he meets a woman worth fighting for.

Henry Wilmot. Cavalier. Seasoned soldier. Grieving widower. On the eve of battle he is sent by the king to requisition arms. What he did not expect was that the supplies were a gift from a feisty widow who was hiding her own Royalist beliefs in plain sight. Even more alarming was that his quest took him into the heart of an enemy Parliamentarian household. Will Henry survive the fight of his life? And will Nan remember him if he does?

A counterpoint is a melody played in conjunction with another, or an opposing viewpoint in an argument. Our lives are complex, and each one of us carries within us a counterpoint to another’s story.

Here is a counterpoint to Nan Wilmot, from Written in Their Stars.



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