• I can’t even imagine how that must have been. Very interesting, although very sad, piece of Roman history

    • It sounds horrendous. I’m deeply curios where the rumors Nero just played a fiddle while watching everything burned when fiddles didn’t even exist and he wasn’t at his palace at the time. When he heard of the fires he opened his homes and provided resources for those who lost everything. I know he gets a lot of hate but where the heck did this rumor come from haha!

  • This is seriously cool. I never knew about this fire. I know about the “great fire of London of 1666”, and I read several historical books about it. But never knew about this fire.
    I have a small suggestions (and please don’t take this the wrong way). I like this new template. But I would rather you put a “spacer” in between paragraphs to make it easier to read. (Maybe this is just me. I just think it will make things easier to read).
    Keep up the good work, sis!!

    • I absolutley won’t take it the wrong way and appreciate the advice. I am using block editor and using blocks literally for the first time so I am still learning how to use it all. I’ve always used the classical editor so trying to learn the new block ones because you know, gotta roll with the tide and I do like all the options and choices the block editor allows for creative formatting. I will keep in mind spacers for my next article! So you suggest just after each paragraph block, add a spacer in the next block before new paragraph block. Should I adjust it at all, or just leave it default spacing setting?

      • Blocks is a great feature. So much you can do with them. It’s up to you if you want to change or just do it on the next article. ”/spacer ” is the command for it. The standard is rather large but you can make it the size you want and save it as a template so after that you can use the template and have it always the same size. I like blocks very much because of all the stuff you can do with them (columns, galleries, contact form, etc). Once you get used to it they are very easy

      • Now can I ask why you are suggesting it? Are my paragraphs just showing up too long? I was worried about that because I use about 4-5 lined paragraphs when I make it on desktop; however, I’ve been worried that on mobile format they appear way too long but not sure what to do about it because I want my paragraphs on desktop to be a symmetrical 4-5 lines each. Any advice would be great! Also exactly where should I be putting spacers at? Thank you so much for taking the time to help me figure this out. I am trying to make my blog the best experience possible for readers so I really value you taking the time to speak up and let me know I should be using them. Its very helpful to me!

      • I read the post on desktop. Mostly always I do read on desktop. Comments like now tend to be on mobile and hence the crappy writing. :). 4-5 lines is fine as you were doing. I try to do the same on my posts too. Simply when you are done writing, press enter on the last full period on each paragraph and in there it brings a new line. In there you put the spacer. That way won’t show the text so close together and it makes the paragraphs more stand alone and easier to read. I noticed in the last couple articles you did too. When you are writing you can do a preview of how it looks before publishing. You can see both how it looks on desktop or mobile and see what I mean. The spacer doesn’t have to be too large. Just a small separation between paragraphs so is easier on the eye

      • I completely understand and thank you for the advice. I also looked at some of your articles just so I could get a feel about how you are spacing things. I think I got it. So I went back to this post just now and added spacers after every paragraph block. I set it to 18px because that seemed good to me. Can you have a look? Does it look better? Is 18px too little or too much? Thank you! ❤️

      • I am not on pc but I am having a quick look on mobile and looks really good.def. the spacer makes it easier to read. I’ll check from pc tomorrow and let you know. But I think it will look great from there as well. I think 18 is fine. Can’t remember how big my template is but probably about that. Not extremely large, but just a bit of space in between so it is easier to read. As I said, looks great on mobile. I’ll check on pc in the morning. But def. Makes it easier to read

      • Awesome. Thanks for speaking up with this advice because I am really trying to learn about how these block works. I absolutley do love them and am starting to get their potential. There is so many options and things you can do. its been a blast this week playing around with it! I wish I had switched to using them sooner. I was just so used to and comfortable with the classical editor but it was time to move forward to see what the new block editor had to offer. So glad I did finally!

      • They are a blast. I have been using them for years. I tried elementor too on another blog I used to have but found it was too messy and had lots of errors with various plugins. With blocks, you can play with them around and create all sorts of templates for whatever you want. I.e the socials you put add the end, rather than copy paste. Though what worked for me after a lot of trial and error was to create template posts of the most common posts I have (i.e regular posts with the content list, paragraphs, and images, the resources posts, etc). I write in word, add links there and then just copy/paste in the template. Obviously copy template post every time so the main template is always saved. Then modify as needed it (i.e move images around, put video, etc). Since you changed your template, the spacer issue might be a thing in all your posts. Though I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Though if you change them, any other time you change template the blocks will stay as they are.

      • Which I love because like you. I want to follow a certain system on how I present each post and want a standard of how my post look. Well love the spacer reccomendation. Hope you are having a great weekend 🖤

      • Checking now from PC. Wanted to see it looks really good now and makes it a lot easier to read.

      • You are so awesome! Thank you for the assistance! Truly you have been such a help!

  • This is the first time I’ve learned about this. Sad.

    • It really is. I cannot imagine going through something like that! I live in California and have been through some wildfires. Fire like this is smoky, ashy, and literally looks like hell is reigning down on you. I couldn’t imagine how scared they were!

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