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My name is Samantha James and I am the author of The Chronicles of History. I love reading, writing, and history fiercely. It is a never ending journey and passion!

Discovery Of Roman Burial Sites Shatter Standing Assumptions

Αrchaeologists have made an exciting discovery. In a Belgium town named Μechelen,  researchers recently uncovered the remains of a Roman-era sanctuary. Α series of graves, urns, and artifacts were uncovered that reveal a surprising new light on the region’s history during the Roman Εmpire.

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Anne Boleyn: A Queen’s Tragic Fall – A Poem Written By Samantha James

Anne Boleyn’s life was led by a fierce determination to succeed in a world dominated by men, and her marriage was the culmination of effort and sacrifice. Anne’s rise to the throne was a triumph; However, her reign was short-lived, and her fall from power was just as dramatic as her rise.

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