WWII History ╽The Rosies The Riveter Memoirs – When Everything Changed Tell All!

WWII changed lives and history forever, the war world was a time of death, destruction, and evil; however, it was also a time that brought people together in ways never imaginable. Everyone had to step up and do their part. Many chose to fight, nurse, and build. People showed strength and tragedy brought communities closer than ever before.

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WWII History ╽Operation Manna & Chowhound: Food! Not Bombs!

At the end of WWII there was so much death, destruction, illness, and starvation occurring in European countries torn by the conflict. In today’s post I will discuss a military operation to bring mercy and light to those suffering in the Netherlands with no food after a freezing winter in the spring of 1945 by allied forces such as Great Britain and the U.S.

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