Book Review | Westering Women Written By Best-Selling Author Sandra Dallas

In today’s post I will be discussing Westering Women.The book was quite a roller coaster of emotional hardship and triumphs that I couldn’t put it down.  It was really that good. The novel takes place on a tragic journey out west and is an endless adventure ♥

Westering Women was written by New York Times Best Selling author Sandra Dallas and I couldn’t recommend it more! After reading about sixty percent of the novel, an event  in the story occurred that made me so angry I almost decided to stop reading it altogether; however, that didn’t happen. It was at that point I decided to give the book a 3 out of 5 star review.  I took a break for a few minutes and found myself needing to finish the rest of the story. I am glad I stuck it out because I absolutely loved the ending. By the time the book was finished I realized that 3 out of 5 stars wouldn’t do for many reasons.

The book deserved more than that.

Despite my anger at some of the events in the novel, the book concluded itself rather well and I had to keep reading. Any book that makes a reader feel like they must finish and find out how it all ends despite being pissed off at the book deserves a 5 out of 5 star review. That is the simple truth of how I see it. Please enjoy my in depth review below and leave your comments about whether this is a novel that may interest you as a reader. If you ever wondered what it would be like to literally walk two-thousand miles from Chicago to California through desert, prairies, and mountains. Then this is a must read!

Sandra Dallas is an excellent writer. Let me be very clear on that because in my opinion I read true talent and well thought out writing during this novel to which I am hard pressed to attribute to other authors. Westering Women pulled all my heartstrings. Readers follow the fascinating and encouraging story of some very brave women. The sisterhood they form on a perilous journey from Chicago to the gold rush miners in California is priceless. I always love a good historical fiction and this one really captured my mind. In truth I had some doubts about the quality of the story but the book’s description left me feeling hopeful that this would be a really good reading experience. The thought of an adventure, drama, hardship, strength, and history thrown all into one package is irresistible to me, and there wasn’t even a love story involved!

Maggie “Hale” or Kaiser is the main character and she learns about a church offering free passage to California for young single women to find husbands. The mission is to civilize the camps of gold miners and prosper on dreams that carry people west. This is perfect for Maggie and her four year old daughter Clara is on the run fleeing from a past best left in the dust of the prairies where nothing can hurt their future. Maggie’s character is in Chicago and technically she is on the run and without revealing some spoilers that will be best read for yourself, she is the kind of character you just love to love. Maggie doesn’t realize the strength she has inside of herself, always being a meek and a kind women. It is throughout an adventure of her lifetime full if tragedy and finding friendship that she finally learns her potential. Life will never be the same again.

The most surprising part of the novel was the women in wagon train. They all sign up to go on this journey to seek husbands yet none of them really has an interest in actually getting married. Each women has her own unique reason for wanting to go all the way to California and the fact it is a five month journey involving a two-thousand mile walk doesn’t seem to deter anyone. Many are motivated by escaping the unsavory abuse from those in their life, to find a loved one, to protect those they do love, and all have a purpose. Despite their individual goals for the journey these women must rely on each other in order to survive and reach California. They become quite a force defending their party against attacking Indians, people after them, devastating dangers, hunger, and thirst all while continuing on the trail west. What these women go through really is inspiring and the author does an amazing job bringing each of their unique personalities and stories alive for the reader.  The book really has it all!

I wish I could provide more details on what made me so angry about the book but I’m afraid that is nearly impossible without dropping some serious spoilers that readers should learn themselves; however, I can say that this book is filled with tragedy at every turn during the grueling and highly dangerous journey from Chicago to California.


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