Sneak Peak: Lifetime’s Limited Series Flowers In The Attic Origin Story!

I am so excited! As many already known, I have been obsessed with V.C Andrews since around the age of thirteen. Today I get to announce a new limited series being produced by the lifetime channel that will span four episodes and eight hours of V.C Andrews prequel novel Garden Of Shadows.

This is the where the twisted and dramatic story of the Dollanganger children all begins. It goes back in time to tell the tragic story of Olivia Foxworth, the children’s evil and cruel grandmother. One of the main villains in the Flowers In The Attic. I absolutely adored this novel!

Such a series is going to be incredible and I thank the lifetime channel for making these adaptions for television because they are so enjoyable to watch. They have done so far the Dollanganger children, the Landry series, and Casteel as well. These adaptions have all been quite amazing!

Lifetime has given out a few details, describing mini-series as:

“The story of the headstrong and determined Olivia Winfield who is working alongside her beloved father when she finds herself unexpectedly wooed by one of the nation’s most eligible bachelors, Malcom Foxworth. After a whirlwind romance, Olivia finds herself as the mistress of the imposing Foxworth Hall, where she soon discovers that the fairytale life she expected has quickly become a nightmare.”

In today’s post I have all the details and will be adding all the sneak peak trailers for the new series. I highly recommend that anyone who loves the books take a look at the lifetime movie club to watch all the other Flowers In the Attic series shows that take place in the timeline after this one.

For starters, the first episode and part one of Flowers In The Attic: Origin Story will air this evening on Saturday July 9th, 2022 at 8/7c on the lifetime channel. With three two-hour long episodes airing weekly on Saturdays at the same time for rest of the month of July. This is for the United States; other countries like the U.K, Canada, and Australia will have different availability which can be found on the Lifetime Movie Channel website.

— Series Synopsis —

Part 1: The Marriage
Jul 09, 2022 |
Part 1 introduces Olivia Winfield as she gives up her career, her home, and her name to become Mrs. Malcolm Foxworth, the wife of the nation’s richest man. Leaving behind her father, when she arrives at her new home, Olivia soon realizes that life at Foxworth Hall is far from the fairytale she imagined it would be and begins to question the choices that led her down this path of eventual destruction.

Part 2: The Mother
Jul 16, 2022 |
As Olivia and Malcolm’s family grows in unexpected and questionable ways, she is committed to giving them a childhood full of joy and safety, no matter the cost. However, her efforts prove to be futile as she battles the evils of Foxworth Hall, and her husband’s twisted obsession over a family secret severs their relationship even further.

Part 3: The Murderer
Jul 23, 2022 |
After a devastating and unimaginable loss that will haunt her for the rest of time, Olivia finds both her son and daughter in forbidden relationships. She opposes their unions, but as she tries to hold on, more destruction finds her and pushes her further to her breaking point. Finally, blood is on her hands as an old foe’s fate waits to be revealed.

Part 4: The Martyr
Jul 30, 2022 |
After losing all her children due to tragedy and tension, Olivia’s newfound religious beliefs instilled in her by her cousin, and her desire to wreck vengeance on those around her, drives her to become the most notorious and terrifying version of herself; a woman capable of locking her grandchildren in the attic upon the return of her daughter after tragedy strikes the family once again…

Okay, so now as I have promised in the beginning, below is the sneak peak preview trailer that Lifetime has released. It looks like a really very promising show! I have loved V.C Andrews for as long as I can remember.

I am always very ecstatic when lifetime releases new adaptions of any V.C Andrew books which they have done a lot. The show adaptions have all been very good and well worth the watch every time in my opinion.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. I am very curios if anyone else is as eager about the show as I am or is it just me. Have you read the prequel novel Garden Of Shadows or any of her other books?


The inspiration behind Lifetime’s new miniseries event, Flowers in the Attic: The Origin

Olivia dreamed of a sun-filled love, a happy life. Then she entered Foxworth Hall…

V.C. Andrews’ thrilling new novel spins a tale of dreadful secrets and dark, forbidden passions—of the time before Flowers in the Attic began. Long before terror flowered in the attic, thin, spinsterish Olivia came to Virginia as Malcolm Foxworth’s bride. At last, with her tall handsome husband, she would find the joy she had waited for, longed for. But in the gloomy mansion filled with hidden rooms and festering desires, a stain of jealous obsession begins to spread…

An evil that will threaten her children, two lovely boys and one very special, beautiful girl. For within one innocent child, a shocking secret lives…a secret that will taint the proud Foxworth name, and haunt all their lives forever!



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