Exciting New Book Release: The Tasks of the Departed by Junaid Ashraf

I was luckily to get my hands on a pre-release copy of The Task Of The Departed from author Junaid Ashraf. This novel has so many compelling aspects and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Ashraf does an immaculate job weaving a tale filled with interesting supernatural and historical elements.

This is Ashraf’s debut novel and I couldn’t be more honored to have been one of the first book bloggers to have the pleasure of reading it. I will be keeping my eye out and looking for more of his novels going forward.

Junaid Ashraf is a pharmacist from the city of Birmingham in the United Kingdoms. According to his website he has always planned on being a writer. You can visit his author page and site at https://junaidashrafauthor.co.uk. 

“I’ve been determined to be a writer for as long as I can remember. I decided to fulfil this dream soon after I qualified, and started working as a locum on a part-time basis to get the idea that I’d allowed to bloom in my mind on paper” – Junaid Ashraf. 

To begin this review, I want to discuss the wonderful history that is present throughout the novel despite it being more of a supernatural coming of age adventure story. There are some wonderful architecture and descriptions.

The main character is a fourteen-year old teenager named Al Baba. He seems like your everyday boy with problems at school with a bully. The Baba family which includes Al’s father Edward, his mother Helen, and sister Karen are just a typical white-collar family celebrating the holiday season.

Before long the unthinkable happens and Al is sucked into a whole new world and must be the one to save his family from unknown creatures. I really loved this because the Baba’s are great. The kind of family that stick together, take one down, then you are going to have to go through them all.

Al is no longer in the same world anymore and that is where it all goes just a little crazy. The book was quite attention grabbing from the beginning. Ashraf doesn’t take long to jump into the action with his writing.

Adventure , self-growth, turmoil, love, and everything in between is all very self-evident throughout this story. I definitely recommend if you like a little action, mystery, and supernatural elements in your reading.


An epic and moving tale about a teenage boy’s journey through a spirit world, closely connected to our own, that is on the brink of war:

Fourteen-year-old Al is horrified when he witnesses his family being abducted by vicious hawk-like creatures and he’s dragged after them into the spirit world by a supernatural robin. Here, he meets his deceased grandfather, Alfred, and learns that spirits like him secretly help their living loved ones.

Aided by a group of powerful beings, Al and Alfred set out to rescue their family from the clutches of an evil spirit bent on using them in his plan to conquer both the spirit world and the living one. Along the way, Al discovers that he himself has unique powers which may save both.

The Tasks of the Departed is perfect for young people and adults who enjoy reading high fantasies blended with a mixture of historical nuggets. Sprinkled with a little Christmas magic too, it is teeming with quirky characters and fantastical creatures, which will make you laugh, cry and warm your heart in equal measure!


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